It's a mug's game

Everyone is a coffee geek nowadays. It's an acceptable thing to be a caffeine addict. There's a Starbucks on every corner, a Nero on every high street and a Costa machine in every petrol station from here to Tobermory.

"I can't think straight until I've had a couple of semi-skimmed hazelnut mocha lattes" the nation cries. 
Coffee starts the nation's day and coffee stimulates their minds, so it's no surprise that our travel mugs and keep-cups are some of the most popular things we do. 
Pop your brand on the nation's favourite morning beverage and share the positive buzz. 

Britain, however, is a nation that doesn't change all that fast and we've always got time to sit down and have a nice cup of tea too. 
A Great British cup of tea for the Great British workforce, in a Great British mug. 
Yessiree, our brand-bearing and brightly shining coffee and/or tea cups are not only beverage-agnostic (they'll keep anything hot, hot), but are also manufactured here in this green and pleasant land.

Give us a call and we will have them to you before you can say "got any biscuits to go with this cuppa?"

PS: Using a re-usable cup is tree-huggingly wonderful for the planet too.
More than 2.5bn cups are thrown away in the UK every year - enough to go round the world five and a half times. But few are recycled and nearly all end up in landfill, creating 25,000 tonnes of waste - enough to fill London's Royal Albert Hall. (Stats via the Guardian of course)
And because these Great British cups are made in the UK, they won't circumnavigate the globe either before or after drinking. So you can feel justifiably warm and righteous every time you take a swig.

Give Georgie a call today on 02380454628