On ya bike scientist...

If you’re a cyclist there’s nothing more uncomfortable than a wet saddle, but we live in a kingdom of rains, so it’s a fact of a peddler’s life.  Bike seats and damp bums go hand in hand so to speak.

But wait, there’s a rather snazzy-looking cure and of course it came to us from some brainy scientists.  The sunshine yellow bike seat covers, commissioned by the Royal Society of Chemistry, are our favourite gift of the year.  In the way that every scientist aims for, it’s one of those clever little solutions to a problem that’s ‘why didn’t anyone think of that before’ simple.

Of course many people have been employing Tesco bags in this manner for years, but what the RSC have embraced is that putting their brand on a really useful gift, is a great way to be remembered. They're saving their butts, which is why it's so memorable.

It’s no surprise that scientists are avid cyclists, so we also made them some branded wheel reflectors – another truly useful (and potentially life-saving) gift – that will shine through any rainy day.

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