Drink up grumpypants

Summer is here, which apparently means we’ll all soon be getting irritable, fat, stupid and possibly going bald.

We really rather like a warm summer, but if you believe the scaremongers dehydration can cause everything from bad breath and car accidents and to obesity, hair-loss and irritability.  Apparently up to 75% of us can suffer from ‘Chronic Dehydration’ in hot summers, putting us on a nose-dive to an angry, obese and dried-up premature death.

The charmingly ancient website Got Water has some bleak news. “Dehydration can also be linked to hair loss - not enough fluids to carry proteins to the scalp.”

It has some stern advice; apparently drinking coffee after drinking too much alcohol “does nothing more than make you a wide-awake drunk.”  On the bright side, however, it reveals that “Drinking ice cold water actually makes you lose weight because fat calories are burned to bring the water temperature up to internal 98.6 degrees F.”

Which is rather exciting news, even if the practical realities of this might not stand up to much scrutiny.

So here’s our take on this. Yes, everyone knows that when it’s hot and you’ve got a mild sweat on, drinking water is jolly good for you. Drink more water and you’ll be skinnier, less grumpy and have a smarter brain under your better hair.

All you need is a great reusable water bottle – preferably with your team or company’s logo emblazoned in unmissable colours – and everyone will feel and look great.  And that’s a scientific fact.

Call Georgie to organise yours before the heat and dehydration overwhelms your rational brain.