Ask don’t tell, help don’t sell.

We’re pretty sure that everyone is a bit fed up with sales and marketing blurb that’s all ‘buy, buy, buy… deal, deal, deal’, so we were really struck by these wise words, “Ask don’t tell, help don’t sell.”

Everyone would prefer to be asked nicely, rather than told forcefully, so there are no products and no promotions here, just a couple of questions.  We’d genuinely love to hear your thoughts.

What’s the most effective promotional product, gadget or idea you’ve ever used or received?

What do you think makes your brand stick in your customers’ minds?

Is the pen mightier than the sword (discuss)?

Who’d win in a fight, Boris or Trump?

Do you prefer dealing with a friendly expert or a faceless corporation?

To finish we have to say that we can put your good name on pretty much anything so we’d simply like to ask, how can we help you and your business?