Multi-sensory fiddletastic brand boosters.

A lot of very clever people have done a lot of deep research into what makes a brand stick in their customers’ brains and the boffins have concluded (in a nutshell), that the best promotions are those that deliver a ‘multi-sensory experience’.  

The more senses involved the better the message sticks, so when these clever little toys crossed our desks we had to stop and give them some serious physical and mental manipulation.

As addictive as a Rubik's Cube, but far less frustrating, these clever three dimensional puzzles demand to be picked up and played with - giving a real 'multi-sensory-boost' to your brand and messages.  There are three main surfaces, but the twisting, opening, and re-arranging make it feel like a million more.

It’s very hard to write a post about something thrillingly fiddly and pick-up-able without using the phrase ‘everyone loves a good fiddle’, but that sounds a bit smutty for something as scientifically rigorous as this, so I shan’t use the word fiddle. Again. But they do though don’t they?

We’re looking into scratch and sniff options, and lickable surfaces, but for now it’s just the previously neglected fiddling senses that get a big brand boost.

This was written on April the first, but it’s not a joke.  These are powerful tools to promote your brand and company. Here’s some solid and serious science from the good people at Magic Concepts.


Touch. Click. See. There mutually reinforcing perception channels increase the neural activity of the user’s brain by up to 1000%. Every time the user folds the cube, it increases message perception and retention.

The desire to play and focus attention generates positive motions, openness and the willingness to get involved in something. Users understand your message more quickly and remember it more positively.

So, give Georgie a call to explore your multisensory brand boosting options.