It's show time!

Summer means shows, festivals, fetes, regattas and sports days, which all herald the imminent coming of the boat show.  Cowes week is upon us and autumn is just around the corner and that means conference season.

Do you have everything you need? Have you ordered all your badges, lanyards, pens, bags and gifts?

Are your show teams equipped and dressed for action? Do you have all your shirts, jackets, gilets and belts (yes we can do them too)?

We've currently got great deals on the perfect boat show wardrobe: 

Gill Polo shirts from £22.50 (retail £35), and Gill soft-shell jackets from £79.99 (retail 120.00).  

We've even got the essential button down Oxfords in classic boat show blue from £30.00 (retail 40.00) .  

Don't delay - call us today.

In need of something a bit different for your next show give-away? Looking for something special to give you customers? Here are some great ideas:

Never use money again.

The quid coin key ring, is quite possibly the most useful thing you can put in you pocket and is probably more valuable than a Euro. [read more]

A complete tool.

When you're caught between a rock and a hard place, don't chance your arm with a blunt corporate gift - give them something handy. You never know when you'll be grateful for a complete tool. [Read more]

It's a mugs game.

"A Great British cup of tea for the Great British workforce in a Great British mug, because a gift that's made in the UK matters." [Read more]

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