The quid is finished

International banking experts are predicting the imminent end of money - well coins anyway. Contactless debit cards and smart watches as digital payment devices all mean that cash in the pocket is getting rarer.   

And in 2017, to thwart counterfeiters, the Royal Mint are turning the pound coin into a dodecagon [that's twelve sided to you and me].

If the pound coin is finished or just going a weird shape, the biggest question we want answered is how on earth will we unlock trolleys at the supermarket?  

With a branded trolley coin key ring of course.  It's set to be the most useful thing you can put in your pocket.

Not having a pound coin in your pocket or purse is widely regarded as one of society's most aggravating problems whether it's at Tesco or in the marina.

Not any more.

The very best corporate gifts solve a problem and provide memorable solutions - which is why pens work so well - so put your brand on a problem-solver and stay remembered.